Welcome to ASK Cornwall. The platform that joins people together in conversation, sharing thoughts and ideas that can have a positive effect on changing the future of our health, care and wellbeing in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly.

We want people to be able to connect with others in their areas and throughout Cornwall & Isles of Scilly to share views and understand what matters the most to them when thinking about the needs for the health and wellbeing of their families, friends and communities both now and in the future.

Healthwatch Cornwall & Isles of Scilly

ASK Cornwall's Purpose

Our purpose is to provide an easy, accessible way to make those connections happen using an online website, where you can have two-way conversations and opportunities to learn what is important to people in and around your communities, forming ideas that can make positive changes to our health and wellbeing.
We know that learning from each other’s thoughts and experiences can create a sense of community, what better way to gather views and help guide services that are looking at changes now and for our future generations. Your thoughts and ideas that reflect the needs of your communities are important to both us and those providing the services.

Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Health and Care Partnership are working towards giving people the best start in life, so they can live the life they want, and be supported in their choices when they need help. 

ASK Cornwall aims to create a social network where people can:

Have conversations about issues that matter to them

  • Ask for ideas

  • Share or rate ideas

  • Contribute thoughts and ways of growing those ideas

  • Make a difference to the decision making for our future health and wellbeing

The platform is being trialled in Cornwall from mid-November 2019. Initially, Healthwatch Cornwall will use the platform to engage a small number of community members in discussion about topics such as health and well-being priorities, and community hospitals.

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