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Make an impact on the future of our health in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

Join the EPIC conversation on how technology designed for health and wellbeing could improve our lives in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly
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We are delighted to announce that eHealth Productivity and Innovation in Cornwall (EPIC) have secured another 3 years’ of European Regional Development Funding, supported by a range of delivery partners to continue the project until April 2023.

The EPIC project is fuelled by the ideas of those who would benefit from using technology for health and wellbeing, sharing these with local business who can in turn develop these ideas into truly useful technological solutions rooted in real life need. 

Adhering to Government advice in relation to COVID-19, we will not be hosting face to face workshops for this phase of the project, as originally planned. Instead, we would like you to join the conversation online instead; making useful connections and sharing ideas for better health and care.

Everyone is welcome to contribute, from any profession – if you use health or care services, or have ideas onhow we can help innovate using technology, we want to hear from you.

We are also keen to connect with technology enterprises in Cornwall, that may or may not currently be developing health related products and services.

Later this year, we will be launching our ‘challenge fund’, amounting to £600,000. This fund is available to local Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to apply to for grant funding to create technology – whether software, hardware or implementation – that will improve the provision of health and care in our region and beyond.

How can we implement voice activated data input within frontline health and care services?

How can video consultations and online tools support primary care from a patient perspective?

Could robotics and smart devices be helpful in care homes?

How should we continue to work together across Cornwall to develop digital health innovations in the future? 

How can smart speakers be used to their full potential in care homes? 

Could technology be used to improve patient experience when using outpatients services? 

How can technology help people to live independently at home? 

Digital technology in outpatient mental health – how is it working, how could it work, and for who? 

Register your interest for each discussion, by clicking the relevant link above. You will then be emailed by the EPIC team when the conversation is ready to join here on Ask Cornwall.

Updates from campaigns will appear here.

Get involved in activities, share on social networks, or yourself.

Support as a small to medium business

If you are interested in sharing your ideas on how technology could improve health and wellbeing please register for one of our online events, click on the boxes below to find out more.



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Care homes are an important potential market for robotic developments. There are several different types of robots and electronic devices that are ... Read more

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Paul Ford

Member of Launceston Medical Centre PPG
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I am a member of the Launceston Medical Centre Patient Participation Group, also a Govenor with the Cornwall Partnership Foundation Trust and a member of the Citizens Advisory Panel for the KCCG and a Volunteer with Cornwall Air Ambulance ... Read more

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Jeremy Preedy

Patient Representative
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I am a member of the Penwith Integrated Care Forum, The CAP, The WIG and the WIB and a number of other similar activities. I became a full-time carer for my wife from 2001 until early 2014 and I became interested in representing patients to the Healt ... Read more

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Health Therapist
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Supporting people to make lifestyle changes. Bring wellness into the workplace for weight management and alcohol moderation. My approach is client-centred; whether she is working with individuals or facilitating groups. I have been described as ... Read more

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