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What more can be done to keep vulnerable people well in winter?

If people are homeless or living in poverty, the winter can be detrimental to their physical and mental health.

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Keeping well in winter

It's not unusual to feel a bit blue in the winter months. When the weather's miserable and the evenings are darker, it can be harder to get out and about and do the things you enjoy. 

For many poeple, the cold and damp can worsen health conditions and make day to day activities much harder. If people are homeless or living in poverty, the winter can be detrimental to their physical and mental health.

Your story has the power to make a difference. If it matters to you, its likely it matters to someone else too.

So what can individuals, groups and health service providers do to boost health and wellbeing during the winter  months? Who does the cold affect the most? What services are needed?

Perhaps you run a community group and you are looking for ideas for activities in the winter months? Perhaps you have a health condition that gets worse when the weather is cold and damp and need advice?

Whatever your situation we'd like to hear your ideas for keeping well in winter.

When you start or join a conversation on Ask Cornwall that is related to keeping well in winter, please make sure you have tagged it to this campaign so that we can start bringing together the views from the community and make a difference.

Start a conversation and make sure you tag it to this campaign.



woolfini | 06th Nov 2019

This campaign is about collecting views on keeping well in winter.

We will keep this page updated with news.

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